Selasa, 09 September 2008

Modern Day Match-Making : DNA Based Romance

Searching for romantic relationship partner is one of the most dangerous game in human life.

Some of us met their partner in school, get married and living happily until old.
Some of us get married, divorced, remarried, divorced again, and trapped in nightmare circle.
While some of us find it very difficult to have a partner, even only for short term relationship.

Many biologist and human behavior researcher have tried to answer this dazzling question : could modern science help us finding our soulmate, yet giving new additional information and perspective to match-making service? Researcher answered : it could be, but they still needs some research and evidences.

In 1995 Claud Wedekind, a Swiss biologist, found that women preferred men who has dissimilar HLA (human leukocyte antigen - which contains specific DNA marker) profile, only by smelling T-shirt worn by labeled man group. It seems that people attracted to mates with HLA profile different from their own. It has been proofed, but the evidence is still not clear, and need some additional research.

Despite of its lack evidence, some "scientific" match-making service already started their program based on DNA analysis. GenePartner, a Swiss company offering DNA marker in HLA analysis for couples or soulmate-searching-singles to look at their potential to unite, and having family. "Proper age, similar life goals and ideas, education levels - all of these things have to fit. And on top of that, you need to be biologically compatible," said Tamara Brown, managing director of GenePartner.

Many scientist looked at this service as controversial and has no solid evidence. But there's still a chance to advantaged this technology. Life itself is a great mystery, I hope that one day we would uncover its secrets.

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